HVAC Contractor Services for Duluth, MN

A functioning HVAC is crucial during the bitter winters and sweltering summers. If your HVAC needs repairs, come to Veterans Heating & Cooling in Duluth, MN. Our team of HVAC contractors is skilled in repairing all types of HVAC problems to make sure your home stays the right temperature through every season.

When You Need HVAC Repair

Sometimes detecting a problem in your HVAC is tricky. But your system will give you signs when there’s a problem. Look out for:

  • Frequent cycles: If your HVAC seems to turn off and on more often than before, this could indicate a problem.
  • Increased humidity: HVAC systems usually do a good job of reducing humidity and keeping the air fresh, so if your indoor air feels humid and sticky, call us for a repair.
  • Odd noises: Your HVAC will make noise from time to time as it switches on and off, but if you hear a constant buzzing or a sudden clang, we can help you identify the problem and fix it.
  • High energy bills: If you’ve noticed a recent spike in your utility bills, your HVAC could be the problem. Our contractors will take a look at your system and make any repairs so you can keep your energy costs down.

To make sure your home is always the right temperature, choose our HVAC contractor services. We will fix any problem and keep your system running smoothly all year long.

How We Help

We are a veteran-owned company, and we value quality and honesty. We never settle for less than our best work for your HVAC. Our labor even has a one-year warranty to ensure you’re satisfied.

Call us today at (218) 461-1911 to schedule a repair for your HVAC. And if you are a veteran or in the military, ask about the discounts that are available for you.